Burchfield/Birchfield and Cherokee Connection

There are many sites that relate the family stories of two Burchfield/Birchfield girls who were with a wagon train who was attacked by a group of Cherokees — some versions say one girl was taken with the warriors, when they left; with the other girl scalped, badly hurt, but still alive — she was to later recover, at a close by English settlement.

The captured girl was later adopted by the tribe, and became a wife to the Cherokee chief — they had several sons; before she was to return to the English settlement; where her sons were accepted as ‘white men’ — holding lands, and properties in North Carolina [Indians were not legally allowed to “own property/land” during this time-frame.]


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Hello world!

Yes, it has taken me a while to get this blog officially started.

It will be a ‘portal’ for genealogy leads that connect to Mahala Cooper (David)(Ayers) — who was born, raised, died and is buried in western North Carolina.

Her heritage is one very much like many who live in the mountains — ancestors from many cultures, that found a common bond in ‘freedom’ — despite being forced to move from their native lands (whether in the americas or from Europe).

Be sure to visit often, as I will attempt to add posts, records, and links that will assist if you are one who is searching for information on this or other “mountain families” of the US.

When you find time, I would also recommend browsing through the PAGES in the navigation list (at the right) — these relate to a very close family member of mine. She still lives in the western Carolina area; and would be delighted to learn of relatives, who might be searching the family tree.

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